Cosy Jack's soap products.

Cosy Jack's soap.

These  soaps are stunning not only do they smell great they are also amazing for your skin!

This soap is made from vegetable oils which also have many beneficial properties for your skin.  They are also SLS and paraben free! Each soap has its own special properties relating to the essential oils and other natural ingredients that they contain.  Each 100g slice is wrapped in its own. hand made jacket just waiting to be lathered up!!!!!

Cosy Jack's whipped soap

Whipped soap can be use as a body wash or as a shaving foam.  A little goes a long way. 

Contains sweet Almond oil and Vitamin E oil l to help keep your  skin soft  and nourished.

Cosy Jack's soap accessories.

 Try our sisal, jute or bamboo soap bags or our Hemu or Naseberry soap dishes.